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Team Sue Miller Welcomes You!

Making a Difference in Islamorada for 40+ Years

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Campaign Promises

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Those who follow Village politics know I rarely miss a council meeting. While some of my friends love to snuggle up on a comfy sofa reading romance novels in their spare time, I snuggle up with the Islamorada Comprehensive Plan!  


The thought that goes into planning for the future of a community intrigues me. Yes, I can be boring, but believe me, I love to do research. There is nothing more rewarding to me than to find workable solutions other areas have found to solve the challenges that communities face in our difficult world.  


I have a deep and intense love for Islamorada, a love that is the fuel for everything I do as a citizen and what I will work to accomplish as your representative on Council.


Whether it is learning about issues or doing the required reading to prepare for council meetings, I will be working for you with energy, enthusiasm, and maximum effort. I love work! I enjoy helping others, sharing the successes and strengths of the community and its residents and businesses, and getting my hands dirty when effort is required.


You can count on me to make the tough decisions. I will fully embrace my responsibility to make the best decisions possible for the greater good of the Village, based on all available information, perspectives, opinions, and options.


I am a devoted mother and grandmother. My family is my foundation, my greatest supporters, my greatest strength. I want Islamorada to be the best it can be, not just for now, but for my grandchildren and your grandchildren. 


I am a person of integrity and trust, two qualities I hope will serve to make you confident in giving me your vote. If you ask me a question, you're going to get a straight answer. If you wonder why I voted a certain way, I'm going to tell you. If I screw up or make a mistake, I'll own it. Integrity is everything to me. Trust is essential.


When it all becomes too much, I will grab my camera and head for the water to spend a few minutes taking in one of our magnificent sunrises or sunsets. And recharged, I will go back to the tasks that challenge us.  

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